The former iteration of this blog, Boston Bytes, was a love letter to the underrated food scene in this old city and its surrounding neighborhoods. Beyond lobster rolls, the greater Boston area is home to a number of amazing restaurants and eateries and continues to serve up amazing food choices whether you’re looking for a quick bite or in it to drop some cash on fine dining.

Reborn from a previous more generic food blog that went idle, I wanted to revive the documenting of my foodie adventures in a post-lockdown world to bring attention and business back to our amazing restaurants and service workers who were and continue to be deeply affected by the pandemic.

Since my recent move I’ve re-branded (yet again) to be a generic food blog to cover the amazing world of food and drink across the eastern seaboard and beyond. Now a digital nomad, I’m excited bring way more to the table than before. 

About Me

I’ve always been a lover of food and am a self-taught home chef. I learned how to cook in middle school when my mom had to spend time away taking care of a sick relative. Up until that point I had taken for granted the love an effort she put into making sure we had great meals most nights of the week. 

My dad had a taste for fine dining and would alternatively take us out to some some of his favorite spots, and so I have very early memories of enjoying great restaurants in New York and New Jersey. 

I’m happy to carry on the legacy and love of food with those I care about that my parents and family instilled in me. 

I’ll do my best to take great photos and visit as many spots as my time (and wallet) will allow. So let’s get back to it, foodies!