CLOSED – Bees Knees Allston – Review & Photos

Coffee on Tap, Groceries, & Booze? Yes Please!

*Please read closure notes below*

Allston, MA is such a crazy neighborhood where you can find just about anybody thanks to relatively low rent prices – affluent international students, druggies, young professionals, hipsters.

And with that diversity comes a wealth of eateries, grocers, and restaurants that cater to all types.

As a newcomer to Allston’s relatively novel “green district”, Bees Knees fills an interesting role of a little something for everyone who prioritizes quality of source over cost. The empty spaces along this small patch of commercial real estate, conveniently located across from Griggs St. t stop, have been filled with much more attractive fare to cater to the higher-income residents. Joshua Tree kicked the bucket, a new reserve Starbucks was installed two doors down, and finally, after about half a year of waiting, Bees Knees took over JT’s old home.

Bees Knees Supply Co. is many things –  we can sort of sum it up as a hipster paradise (and I mean that in a good way here). It’s like a bodega of organic & local fare. It has a coffee bar with cold brew on tap (dead serious!), daily baked treats sourced from the Cape, vegan ice cream from local FoMu, and a wide selection of craft beers and wines, a deli, and, curiously, a small garden of plants for sale (??). This is just to start.

The Space

The design and decor is curiously targeted, too – bikes hang from warehouse ceilings, a chandelier made from antlers, a fireplace flanked by a shelf of records – while being sleek and modern.

Essentially it’s not just one thing – it’s a little bit of everything, and I’m not quite sure what niche it’s trying to fill.

But the atmosphere is fun, surprinsgly cozy, and the food is good. Great, even.

I’ve stopped by Bees Knees at least once a week since it opened and have had a small sampling of everything. Eric and I ordered a chemex for two with the Ethiopian Kilenso Mokonisa from Supersonic coffee. I also go the breakfast sandwich (fantastic) while Eric got a caramel drizzle doughnut (extra yum!). The coffee was made and poured right in front of us!

Two weeks ago we also treated ourselves to lunch after moving boxes to a nearby storage unit. That time I got the super food salad which I find yummy if not a little bland, while Eric got the Cuban panini.

The store offers wifi and outlets as well, which has been a gift given Starbucks’ constant occupation.

All in all, I really love Bees Knees, and I’m only sad that they opened so late into the summer before I’m moving. But with it being right off a B-line t-stop, I do hope to spend some nice cold winter days relaxing in the coziness.

One thing’s for sure- returning college students are in for a very, very pleasant surprise!

Closure Notes

This review was from a previously branded blog, Infused Musings. Bees Knees closed in July of 2016.

Not long before its closing, I had stopped by twice and met with an unfortunate decline in experience. The place seemed fairly understaffed, badly stocked, and the worst part was they were battling a fruit fly infestation. Reddit rumors suggested that it was overpriced, badly run, and poorly managed. Whatever the ultimate reason, I was sad to see such a cool concept fail, but I was not surprised. 

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