Caffe Nero – Washington Square, Brookline, MA Review

If you build it, they will come. Welcome to Brookline, Caffe Nero

The Boston Globe reported this past March on an impending barista shortage in Boston. This is due to a luxury café boom in the city that has left local shops at the mercy of expansion from deep-pocketed international brands. Caffe Nero is among them and has joined an already robust coffee culture in Washington Square. But despite the many local options, Nero is still bustling practically every time I visit.

The European-style coffee roaster has had a presence in Boston for some time now, but has opened up new locations pretty aggressively in the past year. The Washington square location is very cozy, boasting a ton of seating, a fire place, and giant windows that let a ton of light in. The drink options they offer are par for the coarse. Customers can choose from a vast selection of hot or iced coffee, espresso, and tea. They also offer a wonderful assortment of small bites, snacks, pastries, and take-home coffee.

I’ve always enjoyed a visit on my weekdays off. My one complaint would be the business, though. Again, at almost any time of day the cafe is full of folks camping out with books and laptops. This is especially true during the weekend. This isn’t to say you can’t find a seat, but like all coffee shops, you might have to be patient, especially if you have a friend or two. The atmosphere is absolutely worth it when you do get a chance to relax.

The quality of the drinks from Nero has always been top-notch and this location is no exception. Expect more European style lattes here. They are strong, bold, and rich.

Nero offers a simple reward program as well – get a card your first visit and they will stamp it for you. After 9 visits, your next coffee is free!




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