Shaking Crab Brookline Review

Shaking Crab Brookline - Review

  • Does Shaking Crab Deliver? Yes!
  • Does Shaking Crab do takeout? Yes!
  • Does Shaking Crab serve alcohol? Yes!
  • Is Shaking Crab a franchise? Some locations are!
What is Shaking Crab?

This is where New England’s famous fresh shellfish meets the bold, rich flavors of Cajun cooking to provide a delicious seafood boil experience. A seafood boil is a style of meal where various types of seafood and add-ons are boiled together in delicious sauces, often served in sacks and eaten with gloved hands and bibs. 

Shaking Crab is one such space, birthed in 2015 in the town of Newton. There are six Massachusetts spots and over twenty worldwide locations with franchises as far out as China! It’s always a heartwarming feeling when a local dream becomes an international success. With five new restaurants waiting to open their doors in 2021, Shaking Crab is beating the odds in a shaky industry with an uncertain future. 

I discovered the restaurant one winter night when a local favorite Ramen spot has a wait of well over an hour. Hungry and freezing, my foodie partner-in-crime and I wandered around Coolidge Corner, ready to give in and just order in when one of us remembered Shaking Crab was right in the area and something we’d been wanting to try for some time. 

We were more than delighted with our “consolation prize” dinner – so much so that we were so happy we couldn’t snag a seat for ramen. Shaking Crab absolutely blew our expectations out of the water. 

The Brookline location is cozy and easy to get to, less than 2 minutes from the Coolidge Corner T stop. The table set up is fairly standard, poised to seat groups of 2 – 4 easily. The restaurant could likely accommodate a larger group as well, but I would recommend calling ahead and making sure to make a reservation so the staff can accommodate your party. There’s also a bar with seating if you’re just looking for some drinks and starters. But trust me, if you’re gonna go all in with a boil, you’re gonna want a table. 

How to Order at Shaking Crab & What To Get

Since our first visit, the menu has gotten a lot easier to navigate and is essentially “build your own sack”. When ordering your main dish, you get the option of 1lb of a seafood of your choice, fairly unlimited add-ons (including additional seafood by the 1/2 pound), and the magic sauces. Starters and drinks are available as well.

My go-to combo is 1 lb of easy-peel shrimp (the extra few bucks is worth not having to fight with your food), 1/2 lb of mussels, broccoli, and my favorite sauce is the Gulf sauce. Its citrusy, garlicky, and has a touch of heat and sweetness. You have the option of cranking up the spice – but be warned, they mean it when you up the levels. The garlic & butter sauce is my second favorite, perfect if you’re not a fan of spicier or bolder flavors but still want something delicious.

As far as things that I’m not as crazy about – I’ve had the sausage as an add-on and it wasn’t my favorite. I’m obsessed with calamari but the starter here leaves a little to be desired. Their fries options will hit the spot if you’re looking for an app. The drinks are pretty good but not mind-blowing. I tend to swap between the Mai Tai and boozy Sweet Tea. 

Some More Information

Is Shaking Crab expensive? While you get a ton of food, it’s on the pricier side, especially if you’re going for some of the more premium seafood options like lobster or crab.

Is Shaking Crab black-owned? The original restaurant is not, it’s owned by Kev Luong. Some of the franchises might be black-owned, and I believe the Brookline location is. 

Overall, though, Shaking Crab is an absolute delight and I dream of the gulf sauce-slathered shrimp more often than I wanna admit. Because of the price, it’s not in my regular rotation for spots to go but it’s on my shortlist of places to take friends. Due to the messy nature of eating, it might not be the best for a first date, but it’s a great spot for an established couple or family looking to try something new. 

Shaking Crab Photos Gallery

Shaking Crab Brookline |

250 Harvard St, Brookline, MA 02446 | (617) 383-5182

Daily 12p – 9:30p*
*Fri/Sat Close at 10:30p

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  1. i visit the restaurant today the food was fantastic the service amazing we have a picture taken with one of the owner very nice guy love it

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